Why Russian Mail Order Brides Are So Popular

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Many Western countries are full of dissatisfied men that are tired of the common relationship practices or a lack thereof with the everyday women they date. While there are plenty of Western countries that are full of democratic freedoms, rights, and happiness it’s no mystery that the women in each of these places behave quite differently than women from abroad – in places like Russia and Ukraine.

Many Ukrainian and Russian women, on the other hand, are likewise very dissatisfied and tired of the same dating troubles, problems, and lack of sensitivity and loyalty with many of their men and seek something new. Slovak women have their heads on straight, are ambitious, and arguably some of the sexiest women in the world. They know what they want and are intelligent and committed enough to know how to get it.

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What Slovak Mail Order Brides Are and Aren’t

Women from Russia or the Ukraine that signup for dating sites are not necessarily looking for a meal-ticket, gold digging for vulnerable men, or simply a way out of their home country. There is, however, validity in the idea because these countries tend to be so economically unstable and many of the men in these places do not treat the women how they expect, or wish to be treated.

On top of this in places like the Ukraine, there are indeed a tremendous amount of government corruption and economic instability .This, however, is not to take away from the reality and values that Ukrainian (and Russian) women have, along with the pride they possess for the places they reign from. Ukrainian women are very smart, raised to be wives and mothers, and are looking to find their soulmate so that they may start a family of their own.

It’s worth pointing out that plenty of Ukrainian women work full time, attend, or have already graduated from university. In fact, the Ukraine has some of the highest statistics for a ratio of educated women to men. If you ever visit the Ukraine you may also notice that many if not the majority of business owners, entrepreneurs, and university students are indeed female.

Taking this into consideration it becomes more understandable why Ukrainian (and Russian) women seek a foreigner husband. Western men are known to more frequently pursue and obtain higher education, to be ambitious, and make better husbands and fathers in a lot of cases compared to the men that Ukrainian women are used to.

Mail Order Bride Agencies Are Legitimate

Contrary to the many stories, reviews, and gossip about online dating and mail order brides from the Ukraine and Russia, there are plenty of success stories and legitimate dating agencies out there. While on the same note it is true that there are plenty scammers as well, and illegitimate businesses, with the necessary research and due diligence on your part you may find yourself locating a mail order bride dating service or agency in the Ukraine without too much hassle.

A big reason why (legitimate) mail order bridge agencies and dating services have become so popular in places like the Ukraine is because yes, it undoubtedly makes money off of its members, but it’s really so much more than that. Ukrainians in general, but especially women, are raised to look out for and take care of one another. So if and when you come across a legitimate dating agency understand that it’s benefiting all the parties involved, but that there are also many costs and risks associated with the agencies business end of things too.

For example, imagine how difficult and costly the process of getting flowers to your Ukrainian mail order bride or pen pal friend could be if ordering them all the way from the USA. Firstly, flower shops are hardly common if present at all in the Ukraine. The economy is currently depressed there, and only the most essential stores and businesses seem to successfully stay afloat today.

Therefore, even something that seems as “simple” as ordering flowers includes a lot of costs and work. From finding the shop, preparing the gift, and delivering it to even taking a picture of the gift with your mail order bride or pen pal to prove that she actually received it – and that you’re not being scammed out of your money.

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Mail Order Brides: The Good and the Bad

These businesses are also quite popular and are continue to grow today because they are providing a legitimate service and business in a market that is riddled with fakes, phonies, and scams. These (legitimate) dating services or “mail-order bride” agencies pride themselves on reputation, take great care in protecting your personal information, and also do their best to ensure both the safety of you and the interested women you may be interacting with.

Outside of these businesses or service agencies had you pursued your own Ukrainian or Russian lover online through a chatroom or less than credible site it is much easier for you to get scammed out of your money and even potentially hurt if you come all the way here thinking you’re meeting up with someone who is not really who they say they are.

However, on the flip side it’s also worth pointing out that there also have been instances in the past where the foreigner man seeking a Ukrainian or Russian bride has treated his woman poorly, was abusive, or broke laws while meeting with his future dream girl.

Because of this new regulations have been put in place, background checks, and monitoring of correspondences through these legitimate agencies which undoubtedly a bit more costly in some instances, ensure much more than just a potential date for you. Using a (legitimate) mail order bride or dating service agency gives peace of mind, ensures safety, and will make all the difference when you’ve saved up or prepared to actually fly into Ukraine and meet your future bride.

Finding your Future Bride Online: Top 7 Do’s and Don’ts

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Online dating has undoubtedly skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade, and for good reason. Technology has opened up new doors to people seeking love from afar, something new, and someone special.okcupid logoWhile there are major dating sites available such as Match.com or OKCupid, this is not necessarily the solution for everyone. However, per your personality and the kind of woman you’re looking for “results may vary”.

In reality, no dating site can “guarantee” that you’ll find the love you’ve always been looking for, no matter how far, new, or promising she might seem to be.

While there are limitless opportunities out there for online dating, networking, and finding your future bride online, there are definitely a few pointers to keep in mind.

Check out some of these common mistakes, do’s, and don’ts when using online dating as a strategy to find your future wife.

1) Do – Maximize the likelihood of finding your future bride or love online by signing up for multiple (reputable) dating sites. Always conduct some extent of research to investigate not only the authenticity of a dating site, but also the reviews of other bachelors such as yourself.

Don’t – Sign up for too many sites to keep track of, or every one that pops up via a Google Search. Also, do not go spending ungodly amounts of money on various dating sites for their “premium” services.

Perhaps $10-$30 a month is a worthwhile investment for many in online, but if I were you, I’d highly recommend first taking the time to try a dating site out.

See how legitimate it is, and what kind of success (if any) you can get in the realm of responses from interested women, before making a full-fledged financial investment in the paid services or membership.

2) Do– Spend time selecting just a handful (no need for a photoshoot here gentlemen) of recent, friendly, and quality pictures of you (that show your face, and body should you wish), and depict to some extent your hobbies or personality.

Don’t – Take nude or private pictures and expect by posting these explicit pictures that you’ll somehow meet the woman of your dreams, let alone future wife. Remember, how you market yourself is very relevant to the type of women you’ll attract – so choose wisely.skype logo3) Do – Make an effort after you’re comfortable to pull your woman (or women) of interest away from the main dating site you’re using, and get her onto a platform like Skype, or even on the telephone if possible.

This will give a more personal and genuine experience for both of you. This will also open up the door for web-camming (no, not for that, hold your horses) so you can get to know each other better, and verify that you’re both who you say you are.

Don’t – Pressure a woman right away to call you, write letters, or anything else that might seem inappropriate, make you seem desperate, or come off as abrasive. Just like in real life, nobody likes to be overwhelmed on the “first date”, so don’t get too ahead of yourself.

Rest assured, you are likely not the only (of many) guys she is “courting” or chatting with. This doesn’t mean to be discouraged, but rather be patient, and explore other options for yourself too. Nothing’s written in stone, and sometimes it’s just not meant to be – just like in person.

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4) Do – Brainstorm a list of qualities you’re looking for in a woman, and things you do not like. While it might be helpful to share what you’re looking for on your profile, it might serve you better to keep your dislikes to yourself.

Not to be dishonest or withhold information about yourself, but rather to field and judge women and their personalities on your own. In reality, people often write or say what they think others want to hear, so don’t be that guy, be yourself, and go with the flow.

Don’t – Talk about your weaknesses, any fetishes that may offend or come off as weird to others (unless you’re on that kind of website), or use your online dating profile to rave and rant about politics or what pissed you off today – as it’s not likely anyone wants to read that.

5) Do – Be open about yourself to women you meet online through dating sites, forums, chatrooms, or other places, and don’t make a habit of lying. For one, you’ll be robbing yourself of a legitimate opportunity in the long run if things do actually work out.

For two, lies typically come back to bite you later on. It’s worth keeping in mind however that there’s a great difference between being honest versus saving somethings for the imagination, or later on.

Don’t – Spill your guts to the first few women you speak to or within the first few conversations. Try to conduct yourself as you would in person, and be receptive.

Nobody likes a person that only talks about themselves, and that goes for both online and off.chatroom logo6) Do – Consider the possibility that the person you’re talking to may not be who they say they are, are using outdated pictures, or just simply “trolling” the internet to strike up casual conversations.

While these types of people are by no means committing any “crime”, they may get in the way of and waste your efforts to a serious, worthwhile long-term relationship.

Don’t – Try to force a relationship or someone on the other end to chat. If they want to talk with you, they’ll reply.

A friendly message here and there is OK, but if you’re constantly messaging them, or writing them unfathomably long messages and not awaiting a response it’s likely you’ve already ruined that chance or scared them away.

7) Do – Be realistic with your expectations for the woman of your interest, and this includes honesty on both ends. Sometimes a simple friendship can turn into something much more (naturally) over time.

There are all types of people on online dating sites, so consider your options, take it slow, and don’t go wasting all your energy on poor leads or people that don’t seem legit.

Don’t – Judge the woman you’re speaking with, make sarcastic remarks (they don’t sound so good when read on a computer screen), or make inappropriate jokes that your woman of interest may not understand, find funny, or appreciate.

Remember, if you’re like many men looking for love online, then the likelihood is you’re speaking to women from all over the world. With that being said, it wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of research and even practice a few basic words in the language of the woman or women you’re dropping messages to.

You might be surprised how effective of an approach this is, and how flattering it will be to the other woman on the other end because you’re making an honest effort to communicate and understand her culture. Culture can mean everything, and when it comes to online dating you should be mindful of its value!

Happy Lovin’

Black Singles Online Dating

black singlesFinding the right person to fall in love with is extremely difficult especially if you are searching for a person from your own race and culture. Some people date endlessly as dating is the only way to find a person who is compatible.

But we all know how difficult dating can be, right? You meet a person, dine with them, connect with them but it’s all a risk and there is no guarantee that both of you are looking for the same thing. This is where online dating becomes absolutely necessary.

The internet offers anonymity and security by which you can meet the right person and connect with them in the seclusion of your home.

African Dating: Personals and dating services for African couples

Most people prefer to find mates from their own religion and cultural beliefs. As a result, dating companies have become region and race specific in their databases. African dating is particularly useful for this reason.

African dating websites list the particulars of beautiful African girls who are interested in meeting men for love or marriage. Dating online is not without its own risks but we suggest you first evaluate the African dating website for these features:


The African dating website should be able to keep your name, address and email address a secret till you decide to disclose it. Usually, you have to put in your profile details into the site and the site search engine will match your profile against the people who are already registered with the dating website.

You can choose to accept invites from other people or send invites of your own. However, make sure that you fill your profile as completely as possible to find the best choice right away.

black datingPrice and Region

Most African dating sites are free but the sites may also charge you a minimal amount to ensure that you are serious about using the site. Special interest sites like African dating sites will usually have large databases and they will charge you a small amount to ensure that you are series about dating.

Please note though, that you will be able to find region-specific dating websites that have many candidates. However, these websites may cater to different regions like the South African continent, the Caribbean etc. If you are searching for a companion in the US, make sure that you use a website that is US-centric.

The size of the database on the website is very important. As the percentage of African population is quite high, you will easily find a large number of websites that specialize only in dating for Africans. If the website has a large database, there are more chances of finding a partner quickly. Make sure that you check the reputation of the website online.

The quickest ways to do that is by putting the name of the dating website on Google and add the term ‘review’ after it. Make an informed decision and enjoy yourself but do be careful.

Why Foreign Marriage and Online Dating Agencies are BOOMING in the West

foreign brides

Do you like foreign woman more than local woman? Do you feel attracted from overseas girls? Do you have any particular preference in the kind of girl you would like to marry? Would you like to find a beautiful wife from any specific country? If so, keep reading and you will find some answers you will like. Some reasons we just could not say.

  • Foreign Marriage is getting more popularity in America and there is a reason why.

Foreign brides are great for American singles. And what is also great that the Internet is giving us the chance to start dating the women from everywhere in the world without the hassle of traveling here and there. We have the freedom to flirt with many beautiful women from different races, cultures, religions and places.

  • You can find online many respectable and safe dating agencies owned and operated by guys like you helping other guys to find love from overseas.

Guys know what guys want. There are sites where you can find beautiful women looking for a good man like you to become their husband and enjoy a life together. You can get introduced by these sites to sexy African girls, Latino brides, hot Chinese girls, Russian beauties, Indian girls and more.

  • It is normal to feel more attracted to a different race from ours in general.

That also means that girls from overseas find themselves attracted to white guys too. It is nature. Thanks to online dating agencies, guys can look different profiles and start to contact the woman they feel attracted to. Then you will start dating by mailing and chatting. When you get to know each other, and if you both agree you can arrange a meeting and see what happens. You can end up finding a lovely bride from a country you would have never imagined.

  • Foreign women are in general much more feminine than American women.

They dress more feminine and sexy; they prefer to wear skirt and beautiful dresses instead of pants, like Americans. Foreign girls prefer to wear long and sexy rather than a manly short style which is not very attractive for guys. They like to be treated like girls and not like a guy. They are not into feminism and radical ideas. They are pretty girly girls.


  • Women from overseas are not all fat, in fact, they have very attractive and slimmer shapes of bodies.

It is much less common to be obese and overweight outside of North America. Foreign women care much more about being healthy and look attractive for guys. They eat much healthier, and they like to cook for guys an extensive variety of dishes, which is another advantage of having a beautiful foreign wife in home.

  • Girls from outside of the states are much more friendly and open to meet new people.

It is not easy find beautiful girls to date in America; they are not open to talk to a stranger. That certainly limits your dating potential market to your office and maybe your bar. They are easier going, open to conversation and more approachable. They are simply nicer and modest, which them a great time to be with.

  • They have more natural and authentic personalities.

Foreign girls are not into faking and appearing as much as American girls, they are more relaxed, and they appreciate people for who they are and not for what they have as we have told before. Society wants us to think that a foreign beauty would only like an American or Canadian guy for money, which is not true at all. That is not the rule.

  • White guys are perceived as nicer guys for foreign women than local guys.

It is a reality that a male from a different cultures outside of the western world are not as kind and polite with females. All these beautiful brides want is simple – an honest and kind guy who treats them sweet and respectfully. They want you to have fun and be yourself. You will find yourself happier and liberated when you start dating foreign women.

I just have so many reasons why I have been enjoying dating overseas girls, traveling and finally settling down with my beautiful Colombian wife.